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Munich based Pentos AG is an internationally operating IT consulting company and service provider specialized in SaaS. Globally active large corporations place their trust in the services of Pentos AG to create interfaces and manage ongoing operations.


Ever since 2004 COMMUNICATION Presse und PR has functioned as an outhouse press office on the company’s behalf. During this time, using a mix of traditional and creative PR measures, the agency was able to establish an effective branding for Pentos AG.
The way COMMUNICATION Presse und PR translates corporate topics into media relevant content can be seen, for example, in the “Pentos Wochenberichte” (weekly Pentos news). The medium-sized IT service provider performed pioneering work regarding the use of weblogs for in-house communication. This topic was custom-fitted to the journalists’ requirements which resulted in the fact that a leading German daily news included the topic in their media coverage.

Date: since 2004

“… In dieser Zeit hat die Agentur wesentlich zur Marktpositionierung unseres Unternehmens beigetragen, tragfähige Beziehungen zu den meinungsbildenden Branchen-, Fach-, Wirtschafts- und Tagesmedien aufgebaut und die Vorstände der Pentos AG erfolgreich als Experten in Interviews und Hintergrundgesprächen positioniert. …”

Dr. Nikolaus Krasser, Vorstand

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